Tuesday, October 4, 2016

As we say..." just open the book"

My story…
After years of being hired to "clean up" companies and develop the "next" generation of sales professionals and business opportunities, I found myself looking for the right direction in my life. I took the reins and moved into my dream position of being the leader and trainer of my OWN destiny.

What I offer and represent…
To coin a phrase... "we sell the sizzle not the steak!" We watched the shift in surfacing change toward the "one off" or Digitally Enhanced Surfacing as the next generation of this industry. As the saying goes.... "We have come a long way, baby"!
Our industry has moved so fast that even the so called "experts" cannot keep up with the creativity of the human mind. Who knew we could digitally image lighting, furniture, draperies....or even carpeting? My tag line is, "if you stand there long enough, I am going to find a way to print on you"

The benefits...
Resource and strategize the marketing of digitally imaged surfaces, design aspects, as well as printing media to Architectural & Interior Design firms, Retail Store Planning, Graphic Design Companies, Wholesale Distribution and Multi Location Properties.

We combine the efforts of graphic design, digital surfacing innovation, project management, experienced marketing and manufacturing professionals to achieve the best outcome for the client.

textiles | wallcovering | signage | lighting | surface design | furniture | drapery | leather | artwork | upholstery